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Pedersen Architect was established in Telluride 1975 after 12 years of experience with contractors & nine different architectural firms in IA CA AK & CO, most award winning with FAIA mentors for learning fine form, logical function, and then studied high alpine detailing.  Design has evolved through energy efficient envelopes, renewable active & passive solar, green materials enhancing indoor air quality through no VOCs, and moisture control.  Electronic AIA Contract Documents, BIM, and advanced 3D applications since 1999 bring together a team effort.  Pedersen Architect combines the client's dreams with the site's outstanding features  & governing codes allowing the design team to incorporate a proper design vocabulary for EXCELLENCE.

U.S. Solar Patent with 13 claims by Dave Pedersen

To Ophir before light, climb up Mt K12, before avalanches start after 11am ski from top down upper basin into Bear Creek, and hike home to Telluride.

Evolving Work History